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Genrefest Volume 1 (CD)
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Description: A collection of 15 innovative NW musical acts Ivy has assembled onto one thematic, seamless album. Genre-fest Volume 1 features tracks (unreleased, exclusive to genre-fest, and previously released) from bands Ivy Records feels are "hard to pinpoint and defy categorization."

Featured are The Walkabouts' Chris and Carla with Velvet Fog, originally recorded in Greece and previously available in the US only as a pricey import; Violet II from Faith & Disease; Object of My Desire by Kill Switch…Klick; Golden by Diamond Fist Werny; A Million Days by former Sky Cries Mary keyboardist Gordon Raphael with Anne Hadlock, Harvey Dangers' gorgeous Wrecking Ball and many more. Sure to be a classic NW compilation.

Tracks: (linked titles indicate RealAudio file)

1. Faith & Disease: Violet II
2. Chris and Carla of the Walkabouts: Velvet Fog (Greek version)
3. Diamond Fist Werny: Golden
4. Kill Switch... Klick: Object Of My Desire
5. Melody Unit: Obstacle Golf
6. Harvey Danger: Wrecking Ball
7. Ninth Circle: Rain
8. Gordon Raphael/Anne Hadlock: A Million Days
9. Hominy: God Bless This Family
10. Memorium: Mentor
11. Vertigo Bus w/ Kristen Barry: Half The Moon
12. Ring: Ginger
13. Maxine: I Will Die In A Fast Car
14. Curtains: Holly Tree
15. Hoover Cain: Dark December